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Berry Learning Lab (BLL) started in 2017 after seeing a need in South Africa for an educational supplement that focuses not on “what is wrong now”, but on “where it started going wrong?” After researching the methods and results of precision teaching we decided to bring this world class intervention to South Africa. After receiving intensive training in Florida, USA we became more adamant that this method will alter a students learning ability to his/her best advantage.

Customized Learning 

We know that every child is unique and deserves an individualized curriculum unlike traditional education.  Berry Learning Lab takes an individualized approach to learning to provide high quality tutoring services, based on the science of learning and behaviour. We recognise each students’ unique strengths and challenge their academic capabilities to allow them to achieve their full potential.

Our Method: Precision Teaching

Precision Teaching is a system for measureing skill development that guides instructional decision making. Precision Teaching effectively and efficiently strengthens Fluency for a number of skills by reinforcing high frequency responding.  High frequency responding means answering questions quickly, which leads to fast paced sessions that are fun and feel like games to students. 

Our Impact

10 + years in the field.  Our founders have been teaching students in the community since 2005 when our original center Child Behaviour Consultants was founded.  Since then we have grown, rebranded and digitized our contact to provide online resources and curriculum to out Berry learning lab. 


200 + Lives changes. Throughout our experience in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis, our founders, leaders and team members have changed the lives of hundreds of students by utilizing their passion for education to help students realize their love for learning and ability to reach their full potential.