Our programs are fun, effective and fast-paced, and feel like quick games to the student where they get to “beat their high score” from last time! All of their scores are plotted on a Standard Celeration Chart for an instantaneous determination of progress.

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Quick Growth

Your child is an individual, and they deserve a tutor to cater to their learning style! Our Precision Teaching sessions are ALWAYS one instructor and one student. Your child and their growth will always be our #1 priority.

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Always 1:1

Our methods and materials are based on the science of learning and behavior. We use repetition to build fluency within skills so learners can quickly and accurately process information and solve problems.

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Science Based Curriculum

Slow Growth

Student’s who receive traditional group tutoring often have slow rates of growth and no official assessments to definitively show progress over time. This can lead to months and years wasted with little to no improvement and a frustrated student who is tired of doing boring worksheets all day.

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Most tutoring is based on the traditional educational curriculum. We all know this style doesn’t work for every child, if it did you probably wouldn’t be here! Advancing a child through a set curriculum before they’re ready only leads to students falling behind and becoming frustrated and bored. At Berry Learning, we believe learners’ progress should control the advancement, not the other way around!

Traditional Curriculum

Traditional tutoring can include up to four kids in a group, with only one teacher! That’s too many kids, too many learning styles and not enough individualization for your child.

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Group Instruction