Our Method

Precision Teaching is a system for measuring skill development that guides instructional decision making. Precision Teaching effectively and efficiently strengthens Fluency for several skills by reinforcing high frequency responding.  High frequency responding means answering questions quickly, which leads to fast paced sessions that are fun and feel like games to students. 

                                                                            When you are fluent at something it means you know it really well!


  • Chefs are fluent at chopping onions

  • Adults are fluent at driving a car

  • Tiger Wood in fluent at swinging a golf club

  • A Bank teller is fluent at counting money. 

Precision teaching teaches learner how to do things quickly and accurately and uses a scientific system to do so. Think about this as a structured way to learn and practice skills efficiently and accurately.  

Think about how long you practiced turning on a car before it felt as natural as it does now. It may have been months before the skill was fluent and you didny have to think about the process of putting the key in, how long to turn it, shift the car from “park” to “drive”, taking your foot off the accelerator and driving anymore. 

This is because turning on a car is generally a low frequency behaviour that you only do once or twice a day. Think about if you had practiced this as ahigh-frequency behaviour, doing it over and over in structured manner until it felt natural, or “mastered”, as we call it in Precision Teaching. This is the idea behind Precision teaching and focusing on “high frequency” responding.


Students are often more comfortable in their own homes, which is why well come to you! Our instructors will travel to houses located within the Sandton area. If you have questions about this, contact us. 



We can provide Precision Teaching services in some private schools. 



Now offering Precision Teaching tutoring services online! Our goal is to keep everyone safe, healthy, and learning, so were now offering live online sessions from the comfort of your own home.