Who will benefit from us?

The learners that will benefit from our program:

  • Students who are struggling at school

  • Students who are falling behind in certain academic areas. 

  • Students with general learning disabilities, special education needs, attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, processing disorders or speech/language delays

  • Students on the Autism spectrum


  • Children between the age of 4 - 13 years

Additional Educational Programs

  • Preparing children for Grd R

  • Children whose second language is English

  • Children who have a language delay

Our Mission

We created our company to fulfill a need in the community: quality, evidence based tutoring for children who have fallen behind academically due to traditional education. We believe that the curriculum should be as unique as the children who use it, which means crafting new material for every student! 

Not only should the curriculum be unique, but the learning process as well. Berry Learning utilizes a style of teaching called Precision Teaching. Born from the field of Behavior Analysis, Precision Teaching is data-based with plenty of research to prove it’s efficacy. Traditional Education certainly has its role to play, but we aim to bring this unconventional, yet incredibly successful, style of teaching to the masses



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How will it help my child?

Berry Learning uses Precision Teaching to break down academic subjects like reading or math into smaller skills and then builds fluency within those skills. For example, if your child is not reading fluently they may be struggling with the underlying skills that are required for reading, such as identifying letter sounds, blending sounds, and identifying sight words. 

With Precision Teaching we establish fluency within the fundamental skills first, then gradually progress to more advanced skills. We use data from the initial assessment to determine areas for growth and will develop an individualized curriculum for your child from there! 

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