Our sessions

Your child is an individual, and they deserve a tutor to cater to their learning style! Our Precision Teaching sessions are ALWAYS one instructor and one student. Your child and their growth will always be our #1 priority.

Learning reADINESS

Our Learning Readiness program encompasses the skills that children need to know to progress in basic math and reading as well as general life. These skills include things like shape identification. Letter recognition, number sense, patterning, fine and gross motor skills, receptive and expressive identification of objects, people and places and more

English Language Arts (beginning and Advanced)

Our ELA program is for learners who need assistance in the subjects of phonetics, reading, writing, reading comprehension, spelling, essay composition and more.  Curriculum is individualized based on initial and ongoing assessments and created specifically for the individual student to ensure the best fit.  Curriculum is continuously updated by our developers to reflect all learning progress. 

Mathematics (Beginning and Advanced)

Our math program is for learners who are looking to advance in skills related to math and number concepts. Our Math program will range in difficulty from basic number identification to algebraic concepts, depending on the learners needs. This program includes traditional mathematic concepts as well as life skills such as monetary identification and use. 


This is for learners who are new to better Learners. During this session our instructor will conduct an assessment to identify already fluent skills, as well as areas for improvement. This assessment package will also include a consultation meeting to review the assessment results, areas for growth and recommended enrollment