Reading: Our reading programs trains students from Grd R - Grd 7 in phonics, phonemic awareness, Oral and silent Reading, Comprehension, spelling and Vocabulalry. 

Maths: Our maths program trains students from Grd R- Grd 7 in
Numeration, computation and problem solving. 

Learning Readiness/Kiddo's:  This program trains Grd R - Grd 2 to fluency in Listening, Reading Readiness, Basic Maths Concepts,  Understanding and Following instructions, Language building

Writing: Our writing program trains Grds 3 - 7 to develop fluency in Grammar, Sentence and Paragraph Construction and organisation.

Steps for Enrolment

  1. Evaluation

This is our meet and greet opportunity, where we will discuss your needs and provide consultation on the next course of action. We want to ensure that we are the best fit for your child's academic input.


   2. Assessment

To ensure that we develop the right individualized program for your child we need to complete a Comprehensive Skills Assessment. This assessment will guide us in developing an individualized program for your child that will focus on building fluency or true mastery in the core skills identified in the assessment that is falling below the standard levels. We re-assess every 20hours once your child has started the program with us. 

  3. Feedback

We compile a report and discuss with you our suggestions and where to start and hours needed. 

   4. Start 

After all the fine details are ironed out we begin our first sessions.

  5. Reassessment 

Every 20 hours we reassess the student to ensure we are on target and alter and adjust curriculum as needed. We are also able to easily identify the progress your child has made thus far. 

Subjects we offer & Enrollment

Our sessions

All our sessions entails that your child participates in a fast-paced, goal-orientated, 1-on- 1 instructional interactions with our learning coaches. Each childs learning program is individualised, and its design is based upon the results of our Comprehensive Skills Assessment. We feature a core curriculum of a variety of learning programs such as our Learning readiness/Kiddos, Reading, Maths and Writing. Every child receives a customised curriculum that is tailored to their academic goals.