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Berry Learning Lab (BLL) started in 2017 after seeing a need in South Africa for an educational supplement that focuses not on “what is wrong now”, but on “where it started going wrong?” After researching the methods and results of precision teaching we decided to bring this world class intervention to South Africa. After receiving intensive training in Florida, USA we became more adamant that this method will alter a students learning ability to his/her best advantage.

After a thorough assesment we will compile a report and choose our target specific programs for your child. We do assessments after every 20 hours to assess the effectiveness and ensure we are on target.  

Our method is currently the only in Africa, where we combine the most highly tested and researched methods into one comprehensive and instructional approach. We ensure that we stay on top of the latest processes and intervention methods from the USA.  We also consistently measure your childs progress by using the Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) which is a nationally norm- referenced assessment system with over 30 years of empirical validation with resepct to its validity and reliability in evaluating the academiuc
progress of students throughout a school year.  Through these CBMs we are able to evalute the progress of our learners in relation to national norms.

What makes us special from other tutoring systems is that we use the principles of learning science as well as a precise progress monitoring system with a combination of evidence-based instructional approaches that enable us to rapidly accelerate the learning of all of our students, regardless of their disability, challenge or age.

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