About Us

Juliet Newberry
Jaclyn Newberry De Wit

I am a a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst with the BCBA in the USA. My passion with education started more than 10 years ago when I volunteered at a government hospital in the Johannesburg CBD. I have spent years working with children with Autism, Language Delays, Behaviour problems and Learning Disabilities. 

My interest in education and learning processes hightened five years ago when I stumbled upon a lecture in Precision Teaching. Since then I developed a number of different learning programs using Precision Teaching as the main frame. 

Precision teaching allows children to enjoy learning while increasing their self-confidence in their school work, environment as well as their interactions with their teachers and  peers.


When Jaclyn and I decided to start this program together I was over the moon. We both have the passion to help others and enjoy sharing our skills with those around us. It has been great training our new coaches together and increasing their excitement in Precision Teaching program. When their children master critical skills we are all elated.  

I received my B.comm Communications at RAU and started working in the manufacturing industry. After 16 years I decided a change was needed. I was given the opportunity to work with special needs children in education.  It was a life changing experience and I discovered my passion for children and teaching.


When Juliet introduced me to Precision teaching I knew it would lead to helping more children reach their potential.  I love this side of teaching and creating a fun interactive learning experience is so rewarding especially when you see the results.